February 2019


SPIRIT GAMING – the partner for INTERBLOCK in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg – is proud to announce that the new Merkur Casino Halle in Germany’s Saxony-Anhalt has implemented 100% INTERBLOCK solutions for both their Automated Roulette and Automated Blackjack requirements.


 Two fascinating INTERBLOCK factors stand out at Merkur Casino Halle. Firstly, the Diamond automated solution offers not only Roulette but also Blackjack. Indeed, a software generator drives Diamond Video Blackjack with computer-generated animation. No human assistance is required for simulating the traditional table game. Secondly, the INTERBLOCK Diamond has been integrated in such way to solve the problem of uniting players who wish to smoke and those who don’t. By law, the smoking and non-smoking areas have to be separated in this German state. Nevertheless, the intelligent positioning ensures that players can enjoy Automated Roulette and Blackjack regardless of the fact if they smoke or not.              




Merkur Casino Halle makes use of terminals of two different monitor sizes – 21.5” and 27”. The technology is all interconnected – proving that casinos can integrate different INTERBLOCK terminal sizes very simply.


 The unique INTERBLOCK design fits in perfectly into the latest and most modern casino in Germany. Torben Kreienbrock, Sales Manager at SPIRIT GAMING, points out the success rate at Merkur Spielbanken Sachsen-Anhalt, stating: “Merkur Casino Halle is the third casino in operation in Saxony-Anhalt that is managed by the state casino licence holders, the Gauselmann Group together with Grand Casino Baden of Switzerland. Each has 100% INTERBLOCK solutions for Automated Roulette. The fact that players can now choose between Roulette and Blackjack on the same terminal strengthens the reason to choose INTERBLOCK even more. Naturally the unique and exquisite INTERBLOCK design has proven to be extremely popular with players all around the world.”


 The list of SPIRIT GAMING’s success with INTERBLOCK Automated Roulettes in Germany continues to grow. SPIRIT GAMING has installed a range of versions of the INTERBLOCK automated Roulette solutions in all three casinos in Saxony-Anhalt, namely Merkur Casino Halle, Merkur Casino Leuna-Günthersdorf and Merkur Casino Magdeburg.

Frank Ziegler and Torben Kreienbrock of Spirit Gaming

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