Quality, sustainability and speed – that is what MONIKO stands for

 MONIKO is a family-owned and family-managed company that is based in Macedonia. The company has more than 20 years of experience and possesses audit certificates from the leading ticket printer manufacturers – JCM, Transact and Nanoptix. This attests to the high security and quality of MONIKO tickets.

MONIKO stands out through its pioneering work

 MONIKO has the unique position of being the only European producer of quality TITO tickets that offer positive environmental benefits in the gaming industry. Shorter transportation routes play a key role, particularly in these times with the global focus on climate change. This gives European companies the guarantee that delivery timers remain short and transport costs are reduced.

Top quality ‘made in Germany’ paper

The paper used for MONIKO TITO tickets is manufactured in Germany – ensuring utmost quality right at the beginning of the value chain. Modern production technology and the constant focus on trends and innovations make MONIKO stand out with top quality throughout each individual production process. MONIKO tickets are produced according to international standards.