Synergy Blue

This American success story impresses with its variety of skill games in arcade style, thus offering the player a new form of gaming experience entertainment in the form of ‘pure entertainment’.

Innovative passion!

Synergy Blue was founded in 2013 and is based in Palm Desert, California. It is a leading provider of breath-taking entertainment products, bringing the charm of arcade style driving simulators to casinos with skill-based games

The unique GLI11 conform HAWG® platform from Synergy Blue offers a high level of flexibility to be competitive in the highly regulated European markets and brings an appealing gaming experience to he new player generation.

A new player generation

Alongside the millennial generation, generation X is arising and so opening the door to a new era of players. Future player generations will understand technology better and be digital – the gaming offer in casinos will grow accordingly. Many generation X players grew up playing video games and are thus used to a more appealing and intensive gaming experience. Synergy Blue offers these products to match the new demographics and requirements.