StylGame signifies quality, design and highest comfort.

The owner-managed business has been founded in 2001 in Spilimbergo, Italy.
Focused on design StylGame has specialized in the production of ergonomic products for the gaming industry. Besides the italien headquarter the associated company StylGame USA LLC in Las Vegas, Nort America has been another successful milestone founded in 2010.

StylGame is the only business in the gaming industry that has carried out and scientifically validated an ergonomic study specially for slot machines.

Their products are produced with unique and patented technical components, which are essential to guarantee and increase the comfort-standards for the customer.
The portfolio includes modular constructed chairs, height-adjustable bases, as well as a solution for system-independent service-call,  which prevents the player from leaving the playing station.

Even slot manufactures have standardized the measurements of their machines oriented towards StylGame.

StylGame is characterized by its high standards of quality, because all products are produced locally. Materials are received directly and every production-step is proofed. At the end of the production the result overtops international established standards.

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